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The "Network for Wanword" is a local NGO located in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our Focus is to Promote and Enhance Community Peace building through networking with national and International organizations to bring sustainable development to our community.

The Network for Wanword is working with the members of our communities in resolving traditional Conflicts, advocating for the rights of Women and Children, and We are involved in the Fight against poverty, helping people with disabilities, promoting and developing access to quality Education, and providing safe clean water for communities desperately in need of it.

Network For Wanward  (NGO)

We Collaborate with Local and International Non Governmental Organisations, Profite organisation, presures groups in the Fight agaist "Ebola". Ebola is Real!

"It is in the heart of men that conflict Immanate, it is also in the heart of men, that PEACE can be build" We collaborate with International Organisation in Peacebuilding. We believe Peacebuilding is a collective effort.

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We Believe Children are the future of our genaration. We rescue street children, orphans, less privileges, and give them the love, care, and education they deserve.

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